Energie für Morgen!

mission statement

The main focus of our business strategy and the actions of all agents in our group of companies are the sustainable and efficient use of energy as well as cost-efficient operations.  We feel that the comprehensive analysis of energy use in conjunction with the continuous optimization of useful energy production are essential components of the future.

The following principles have been formulated for our mission statement:

  • We use energy sources in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way, while implementing state-of-the-art methods and information technologies and effective business processes.
  • We develop, build and operate energy equipment and systems, which guarantee stable and secure as well as sustainable solutions for the energy supply of our customers.
  • We maintain an effective energy data management system, identify savings potentials and thereby create the conditions for continuous improvement of our processes.
  • We develop and test our products and services according to predetermined criteria of efficiency, cost, optimal use of the energy source, technical variant and possibilities as well as potential savings.
  • We train and qualify our staff so that they apply their expertise according to the requirements and principles of our corporate philosophy.
  • We collaborate with experienced and reliable suppliers and partners, who also align their services with energy and environmentally conscious guidelines.

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