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Danpower Biomasse GMBH

Biomethane in Lichtensee

Danpower GmbH holds 100 % of the shares of the Danpower Biomasse GmbH. The company operates the Biomethane plant Lichtensee which was built in 2011.  In addition to the conventional use of biogas in a combined heating and power unit for renewable power and heat generation this was the first attempt of our company to install a gas processing plant.

The company Danpower Biomasse GmbH also operates the biogas plant in Bad Köstritz, in which packaged as well as unpackaged food items can be processed.

Both plants supply the consumers with heat for thermal energy and hot water supplies as well as electricity.

The biogas plant Wittenburg and Bad Köstritz and the Biomass Cogeneration Plant in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm also belong to Danpower Biomasse GmbH.

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Management board:
Knut Bölke
Mario Engler
Patrick Heinrich
Dr. Michael Jakuttis

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Renewable resources – Innovative energy production

The IEW is a joint venture between the City of Wolgast and the Danpower GmbH. The City of Wolgast, as a shareholder, holds 25.1 % of the company shares, 74.9 % of the shares are held by Danpower GmbH. The IEW is a shareholder in the IEW Biogas park Wolgast GmbH and holds 75.2 % of the company shares there. Furthermore, the Feldfrucht und Tierproduktions GmbH [crop and animal production] still participates with 24.8 % of the shares.

IEW pursues an innovative approach to energy production, taking into account any new and environmentally-friendly procedures. The focus is the production and distribution of biogas, district heat and electricity from local renewable resources.

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Management board:
Dr. Antje Tiedt-Schimanski,
Patrick Heinrich

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