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Heat supply for Estonia

Danpower Eesti AS is the local district heating supply company in the city of Võru. The publicly traded corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Danpower GmbH.

It distributes 70,000 MWh of eco-friendly thermal energy via a 25 km long district heating grid to homes, public institutions and commercial enterprises.  The installed thermal capacity of the Danpower Eesti AS company-owned boiler houses is approximately 40 MW. Heat generation is based on more than 95% biomass from wood chips and sawdust.

Danpower Eesti AS has been offering a service center in Võru to support its German customers via phone or in writing.

Take a look at further information about our boiler house Võrukivi and our  boiler house Võrusoo an.

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Heat supply for Lithuania

Danpower GmbH is active on the Lithuanian energy market together with UAB GECO investicijos. The Joint Venture – Danpower Baltic UAB – was founded in May of 2014. Since then Danpower Baltic UAB has managed to turn into the largest independent district heat producer in Lithuania by developing its own products as well as by purchasing existing installations.

At their locations in Vilnius, Kaunas and Joniškis Danpower Baltic UAB operates six boiler houses as well as a cogeneration plant with a total installed capacity of 5 MW for electric and 190 MW thermal. All energy projects are based on using local biomass (wood) and feature state-of-the-art technology.

More information about our Baltic plants is available on our site map.

We would love to hear from you:
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