Nachhaltigkeit und soziale Verantwortung

Sustainability and social responsability

The Danpower Group of companies credits their success to their employees.  We are proud to have successful teams on board.  Economic success, sustainability and social commitment go hand-in-hand for us. This is why we are involved in philanthropic endeavors in Germany and in the Baltic States.

Conserving resources – protecting the environment

Generating energy does not have to be harmful to the environment.  For us, energy production includes the use of products that would otherwise have been discarded.  For instance, we use conventional household and industrial waste to recover energy by incineration. Our biogas plants use manure and certain additives to generate biogas, which then can be transformed into electricity and heat.  Production residues are then returned to the farmers for fertilizing their fields.  This creates a useful added value and through our efficient use of renewable energy also a contribution to the environmental protection efforts.

Taking on responsibility – supporting the next generation

Our social commitment is aimed particularly at supporting non-profit initiatives like athletic clubs and school projects.  We support initiatives in our home markets and thereby assume social responsibility for our fellow human beings.

We want to support the children and youth in particular by promoting sports clubs and help them in their sports activities, so that they may be inspired to a healthier lifestyle.  Our engagement reaches from regional sports up to the promotion of Olympic athletes. 

We are committed to our tiny ones as well, by assuming the heating costs for the rooms in several selected children facilities. 

Our commitment covers not only projects at the home of our headquarters in Potsdam, but throughout Germany and in the Baltic States as well.

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