energy distribution

We supply both private homes (housing associations and cooperatives, single and multi-family homes) as well as industry and commercial customers and public entities with heat, cold and bio natural gas.  Our customer base is in Germany and the Baltic States.

District heating

Most of our plants produce district heating using renewable resources.  This is sustainable and climate-friendly or climate-neutral.

We ensure the secure supply of district heating.  We transport water that was heated in our plants via our district heating grids to our customers’ buildings where it is passed on with the help of heat transfer stations to the heating or residential hot water systems of the buildings.  The water, cooled off during transit, is then fed back into our heat generation plant for reheating.

A cogeneration plant can produce district heat as well as electricity.  This ensures optimum utilization of the fuel and is characterized by an efficiency higher than 85%.

Power generation in Germany and the Baltic States

We operate combined heat and power generation plants at several locations; these can be fueled with wood, biogas or biomethane as fuel sources.  The biogas or biomethane needed is mostly produced in our own biogas plants.  The heat generated in the plants is fed into our district heating grids, whereas the electricity is sent to the power grid of the local power grid operator and marketed on the electricity exchanges.


The biogas produced in our biogas plants can be used on-site for power and heat generation or it will be reconditioned to natural gas quality and fed into the local gas network.

There are currently 34 biogas plants in operation. 32 biogas plants convert the biogas into electricity locally in CHPs and feed it into the grid of the local grid operator based on the EEG guidelines.  The generated heat is fed into already existing district heating grids of the Danpower Group and then used to supply our customers with heat.

Highly efficient energy supply solutions

Energy distribution takes place not only in the form of feeding district heat and cold as well as power and gas into the regional and distributed networks.  We also bring highly efficient energy solutions directly to our customers.  Our core competences also include, in addition to power and heat generation based on ecological fuels:

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