Heat Contracting

No financial burden – You can lease your power generation plant

Danpower GmbH or a company belonging to the corporate group, in their function as a heating contractor, will take on the responsibility of building or renovating as well as operating the heat generation plants at their own expense and directly at the customers’ site.  The use of state-of-the-art heating technology facilitates high efficiency and the development of efficiency potentials.  Our customers will be supplied with cost-effective heat, meeting their requirements, -over a contractually agreed upon period of time.


Homeowners, housing companies, municipal partners, commercial and industrial establishments


Responsible for planning financing, construction operation, maintenance, fuel procurement


The contracting model offers a number of advantages to our customers

Supply security

Our customers benefit directly from our know-how in the plant and energy supply sector. In addition to your individual and customized technology we secure your supply with a direct contact just for you and a 24-hour standby service.

Planning security

Contracting agreements are entered over an extended time frame, usually over 10 years.  We are the long-term and reliable partner for our customers who will benefit from transparent energy prices and, in the long term, predictable energy costs.

Liquidity profit

Financial resources that are not invested directly into the acquisition of a new energy supply plant are available to our customers to use for their own purposes.

CO2 savings

We apply state-of-the-art technology, which also leads to high levels of CO2 savings. Therefore, our customers and our equipment make an important contribution to climate protection.

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