Heat Contracting with pellets

Heat contracting with wood pellets produced within our group of companies makes an ecological and cost-effective heat supply possible.   Just like in the case of heat contracting, the Danpower Group will take over the planning, building or renovation, as well as the operation of the customer’s plant at their own expense.

Climate-neutral and cost-effective energy bundles

Heat created from wood pellets is climate neutral, as the wood can only release as much CO2 as the tree has absorbed during its growth period.

Energy sources* Primary energy factor* Emissions value*
Natural gas 1,1 228 g/kWh
Hearing oil 1,1 312 g/kWh
Wood pellets 0,2 22 g/kWh
Current 1,8 538 g/kWh

*Status 2017


An additional economic advantage is that the added value actually is taking place in the region. We use wood from Saxony-Anhalt in our pellet production.

Heat generation with wood pellets is not only ecologically and climate neutral, it is also cheaper than generating heat from fossil fuels.

Energy sources* Kilowatt/hour price*
Natural gas 5,22 ct/kWh
Heating oil 4,66 ct/kWh
Wood pellets 4,59 ct/kWh
Current 25,80 ct/kWh

*Status 2017


The contracting model offers our customers a number of advantages

Supply security

Our customers benefit directly from our know-how in the plant and energy supply sector. In addition to your individual and customized technology we secure your supply with a direct contact just for you and a 24-hour standby service.

Planning security

Contracting agreements are entered over extended time frames, usually over 10 years. We are the long-standing and reliable partner for our customers who will benefit from transparent energy prices and, in the long term, predictable energy costs.

Liquidity profit

Any financial resources that are not invested directly into the acquisition of a new energy supply plant are available to our customers to use for their own purposes.

CO2 savings

We apply state-of-the-art technology, which also leads to high levels of CO2 savings. Therefore, our customers and our equipment make an important contribution to climate protection.

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