energy management

Our mission is one of sustainable and efficient use of energy and resources.  The holistic analysis of energy use in conjunction with the continuous optimization of useful energy production is embedded in our company mission statement.  To provide this guarantee, our Group of companies uses an integrated energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 and focuses on the constant improvement of our energy efficiency, our use of energy, and energy consumption, and to continuously reduce our environmental impact.

Reduction of environmental impact and costs,
Improvement of energy-related performance

For us, energy management means the systematic planning, implementation and optimization of the energy-related processes and services.  The energy management system describes activities concerning energy planning, design and construction, operational management including measuring and monitoring as well as documentation and reporting for plants, systems and processes. 

The energy management system is based on project development, planning and construction, the operational management and plant monitoring systems, as well as maintenance and repair of energy conversion systems.  We adhere to the standards of our energy management system for the production of wood pellets as well.

Internal audits for our continuous improvement

We ensure, by applying system wide and regular training measures, that all employees have the necessary knowledge and qualifications, to implement all measures of the energy management system sufficiently well or to exceed them.

Regular internal audits check and further develop the application and effectiveness of the measures laid down as part of the energy management system.

Our certifications and registrations

Our energy management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. In addition, we are certified according to the ENplus Standard as a manufacturer of pellet production.

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