Thermische Abfallbehandlung

municipal & industrial waste

The term residential waste describes the types of waste from households, commercial waste similar to household waste, bulky waste items, road sweepings, market waste materials, compostable waste from food waste containers, garden and park waste as well as waste from separated waste collections (cardboard, paper, corrugated, glass, plastics, wood, electronic parts). 

Commercial waste, similar to household waste, also called commercial municipal waste, originates in commercial operations and public institutions and consist of similar materials as household waste.  Quantities of each ingredient in the mix can be very different according to the industry sector of origination and can differ significantly from the composition of household waste.

Household waste is the colloquial term for waste originating in private households. 

Commercial waste similar to household waste will be separated into recyclable and non-recyclable waste at the collection location.

Waste directives regulate the recycling of materials.  Waste materials that are re-usable will be recycled as much as possible.  Non-recyclable components are classified as residual waste, sent for residual waste thermal processing and thus are energetically recycled.   Reusable components (e.g. metal) will be extracted from the rust slag left after incineration.  It can also be processed further and used as a replacement material for road construction.

Waste reclamation to support environmental protection

Thanks to modern technologies as well as the use of combined heat and power generation, we can reach a high degree of energetic efficiency and avoid the use of fossil fuels.  Fulfilling our high expectations on air purity our test values come in lower than the legally mandated levels. 

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