TRB plant

The thermal treatment plant for residual waste (TRB plant) of the PD energy GmbH was built in the years 2007 and 2009 in area D of the ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen. Danpower GmbH and Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbH are equal partners in the plant.

The plant thermally processes up to 140,000 t of commercial and municipal waste in compliance with the requirements of the 17th Federal Emission Control Act. 

The TRB plant puts out 10 MW of electrical power with the simultaneous extraction of 15 MW of steam and district heat.  The electricity produced will be fed into the network of the local grid operator.

All the produced heat is utilized by local companies in the Chemiepark via the steam pipelines and fed into the Danpower subsidiary Bitterfelder Fernwärme GmbH grid via a district heating grid route.

The electricity is fed into the grid of the local power grid operator and marketed on the electricity exchanges.

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contact TRB plant BitterfelD

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Initial contact
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+49 3493 82410 – 99

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 06:00 a.m. to 09:30 p.m.


How to reach us

Administration adress
PD energy GmbH
OT Bitterfeld
Zörbiger Straße 22
06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Location of TRB Plant
PD energy GmbH
OT Bitterfeld
Oststraße 1
06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

You can find a map here.


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